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Harnessing our years of fresh feeding knowledge and experience, we’ve created the optimal fresh blend of local, natural ingredients for your cat! Our formula contains a wholesome combination of meat, bone, and organ!

Beef muscle meat, beef heart, wild BC salmon, beef liver, beef kidney.

Fibre g/100g 0.3 
KJ /100g 754 
Protein g/100g 20.18 
Ash g/100g 1.9 
Fat (gravimetric) g/100g 11.1 
Calories /100g 180 
Carbohydrates g/100g ND 
Moistureg/100g 66.93 

Ingredients: Whole chicken, beef heart, wild salmon, beef liver, beef kidney

Crude Fibre  g/100g  0.2 
KJ  /100g  760 
Protein  g/100g  17.00 
Ash  g/100g  1.8 
Fat (gravimetric)  g/100g  12.0 
Calories  /100g  182 
Carbohydrates  g/100g  1.5 
Moisture  g/100g  67.73 

Ingredients: venison, lamb heart, duck neck, lamb liver.


Crude Fibre g/100g 0.3 
KJ /100g 695 
Protein g/100g 18.28 
Ash g/100g 1.6 
Fat (gravimetric) g/100g 9.64 
Calories /100g 166 
Carbohydrates g/100g 1.5 
Moisture g/100g 68.97 

Butcher Blend is great option for fresh fed cats. Made with simple, rotational recipes that are specially formulated for your cat’s optimal health and nutritional needs. Complete with bone and organ, Butcher Blend for cats is a great, low maintenance option to keep your fresh fed cat healthy and balanced! As with all raw options, we recommend rotating through as many of the proteins as possible in order to give your cat the widest range of nutritional benefits. Happy feeding! 

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