Ear Care

Ear Care

If you have noticed an unpleasant odour coming from your pet’s ears accompanied by other symptoms such as scratching the ears, increased head shaking, redness and swelling of the ear canal or increased discharge from the ear canal your pet may be suffering from an ear infection. At True Carnivores we take into consideration your dog’s diet, allergies, and their breed. Yeast is a big player when it comes to ear infections as it can come from high fruit and vegetation in the diet, spinal trauma, and a high carb diet such as kibble – just to name a few. Feeding a species appropriate diet alongside tripe and a good probiotic can help heal your dog and get rid of that funky odor! Check out our learning centre for more info!


  • Carnivora Gentian Ear Treatment

    Carnivora Gentian Ear Treatment

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  • Colloidal Silver by True Raw Choice

    Colloidal Silver by True Raw Choice

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  • Earthbath Ear Wipes

    Earthbath Ear Wipes

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  • NaturPet Ear Drops

    NaturPet Ear Drops

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  • Olie Naturals Coconut Oil

    Olie Naturals Coconut Oil

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  • New Beginnings

    Olie Naturals Probiotic (New Beginnings)

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  • Organic Ear Wash

    Organic Ear Wash by Black Sheep Organics

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