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Grand cru vs raw

Grand Cru vs Raw

Why does True Carnivores carry Grand Cru? You might be wondering why after 26 years, a dedicated raw food purveyor might carry a kibble. Have we sold out? After all, feeding kibble goes against our stated values that the healthiest

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Leaky Gut Demystified

What is leaky gut syndrome? “Leaky Gut”, or Dysbiosis, is caused by a bacterial imbalance that leads to inflammation of the intestinal mucosa. The mucosa is a thin layer of cells which line the inside of the intestines. It acts

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The “High Protein” Myth

The High Protein Myth  We often have clients whose dog or cat has an ailment such as kidney disease, which requires them to be on a low protein diet. Often, they have been advised by their veterinarian to feed a

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Keeping Your Dogs Teeth Healthy

Keeping Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy Does your dog have stinky breath or yellow plaque on their teeth? Or maybe your dog has great teeth and you are just looking to prevent any dental problems from happening. Either way, there is

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