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Titer Testing

WHAT IS TITER TESTING? A titer test is a blood sample that measures the antibodies against certain viruses and other infectious diseases. Essentially, the test measures whether your dog is more prone to getting a particular disease or whether they are

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Thanksgiving Tips And Foods To Avoid

THANKSGIVING TIPS AND FOODS TO AVOID The leaves are turning orange, the air is getting colder and Starbucks has released their famous pumpkin spice lattes once again. This must mean only one thing – Fall is officially upon us! With

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Does Your Dog Need Veggies?

Veggies for dogs? Eat your Veggies!.  I don’t think I know a single person who would argue this point.  Veggies may be good for us, but what about for our carnivore pets?  Dare I say that what is true for

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cat kidney disease

Your Cat and Kidney Disease

Your Cat and Kidney Disease Chances are if you have ever met a skinny senior cat, they have progressive kidney failure, also known as kidney disease. Kidney disease is the most commonly developed disease in cats next to dental disease.

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Finicky Cat

Finicky Cats: Transitioning to Raw

Finicky Cats: Transitioning to Raw Dogs have owners. We have staff – Cat As almost every cat owner knows, cats can be the most finicky, picky, fussy, complicated taste tester and food critics in the world. When we have new customers looking

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