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diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous Earth: A to Z

Diatomaceous Earth: A to Z Diatomaceous Earth (Dye-ah-toe-may-cious Earth) is hard to pronounce but it has a wide array of benefits to people and pets! So what is this Diatomaceous Earth (DE) powder that everyone seems to be talking about? We wrote up

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eye health dog

Health Checklist: Eyes

HEALTH CHECKLIST: EYES Is your dog suffering from tear stains? Excessive scratching, gunk, and wounds around the eyes can be a sign of an eye infection or overactive tear ducts in dogs and cats. First, to make sure that the

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Is Your Dog Regurgitating?

Regurgitating vs Vomiting Regurgitating is very different from vomiting. When a pet vomits, the contents coming out are from the stomach and sometimes from the beginning of the small intestine as well. Regurgitated contents are from the esophagus or pharynx. Regurgitation

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Homemade Raw

Homemade Raw Feeding: E to Z

Even if you don’t intend to make your own food, the tips and tricks you can read about here can help you make a tailored diet for your pets. What is Homemade Raw Feeding? Homemade Raw Feeding is a practice

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delivery dog

Arthritis in Dogs: A to Z

What is Arthritis? Arthritis is inflammation of the joint. There are many causes for this, the most common being old age. Other causes and risk factors include repetitive use of the same joints, injury, genetic predisposition, or being overweight. The

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