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Our Delivery Service: Why We Do It

At True Carnivores, we take pride in being the only raw specialty retail stores that delivers right to your door. We didn’t always deliver though, and we wanted to share our story on how and why we started bringing heavy pet food and supplies to our customer’s doors.

Our Story of Delivery

We have a good friend who is also a long time customer here at True Carnivores. She had two large breed dogs and every two weeks, she had to come in to pick up a large and cumbersome 40 pound box of raw food. Not only that, when she arrived at home, she had to carry it up flights of stairs and then finally, try to fit everything in the small freezer of her apartment. Although she wanted the best for her dogs, this wore her down quite a bit. Then one day she came in to the store with a sad look. We asked her what was wrong, and she told us that she was thinking about switching back to kibble for her dog

Because kibble has much less moisture content, she could buy a 30 lb bag of kibble that could last her almost a month and she wouldn’t have to sacrifice the real estate of her freezer. This gave us a thought: “How many of ‘her’ are there in Vancouver who want the best for their dogs and cats but just can’t take advantage of our products and services because of the circumstances?”

This was the moment our delivery service came in to the world. If anyone ever wanted to feed raw but it wasn’t feasible because they don’t have a large freezer space, have a car for easy transportation, work long hours and have trouble going to the store while it’s open, or live just too far from the nearest raw food store, we wanted to take everything out of the equation and take on the burden so that anyone could feed raw, conveniently.

The Store Experience

Many of our customers who primarily order for delivery have been shopping at our store for a long time. They trust us, our advice on raw nutrition, and our selection and prices. If you are new to our store though, you may not know very much about the products we carry and don’t know what we can offer in terms of guidance and advising choosing the right diet for your dog or cat.

The good tdog raw bone true carnivoreshing about physically visiting a store is that you can look at all the selection of products and also talk with the staff who can help solve any problems you may have with your dog or cat. This will also help build a relationship between the customer and the staff. Unfortunately this can be hard with shopping online and we believe a person’s regular pet store should be the first stop for if a problem arises with their pets.

And so we want to bring the store to you. Our website has descriptions and information about almost all of the products that we carry and we can be reached easily by email or by phone. If your dog is suffering from hot spots, food allergies, repeated vomiting, constipation, tear stains, or what ever the case may be, we can still help!

Our goal is to make your online shopping and delivery experience just as pleasant and easy, if not more than physically visiting our store.

How We Do It

How do we do deliveries? Our regular delivery days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and the time of day depends on the area you are in (click here for more info).

When we receive your order through the website or by phone, we put together everything you ordered in insulated bags and put them in our large walk-in freezer. When it’s time for delivery, our delivery driver comes to pick up the bags and will proceed to carry out the deliveries. Special arrangements or instructions can easily be made just by telling us what to do when you order. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to receive your delivery. When our driver arrives, you receive it, or if you aren’t home, we are happy to follow your instructions on what to do such as leaving it in a designated place or having it held with the concierge.

And that’s it! Easy as pie.

The Pricing

Does it cost more to get a delivery? Definitely not. As long as you order more than the minimum required for your delivery zone then, its FREE! And think of all the time and gas you save by staying home – that means more snuggles, walks, and playing with your furry companion!

Back to our story

Now our friend with the two large dogs gets a regular delivery and she can feed them healthy and nutritious raw food as easily as thawing and serving it. She still comes in sometimes to say hi and pick out new treats that we have at the store but she doesn’t have to haul the big and heavy raw food box back to her home. We believe we are making a difference in our community by offering the easy and affordable delivery service and we are proud that we made it easy for our friend to stay on raw. dog tear stain

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact us by several ways:
Website Contact Form: Here
Phone: 604-267-3647

Happy Feeding!


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