Constipation/Bowel Support

Feeding things such as pumpkin or vegetation (as you would a dog) when constipation rears its uncomfortable head very rarely works in the cat realm. As cats are imprint feeders AND obligate carnivores the thought of being forced to eat veggies especially to help make them feel better… We are quite positive they would sooner die.

Of course this may be a slight exaggeration – but since we never want to find out we have come up with a few tricky ways to get our cat’s bowel movements working again.


  • Straining in the litter
  • Meowing uncomfortably while in the litter
  • Vomiting


  • Dehydration
  • Diet is too high in bone content
  • Obstruction in the colon
  • Lack of exercise

Remedies & Preventative Measures:

  • Feeding a moisture rich diet (keeps the colon lubricated)
  • Giving them a probiotic (feeds the good bacteria in your cat’s system and also works as a laxative)
  • Adding coconut oil to their diet (natural laxative)
  • Additional fibre (rabbit ear WITH hair)
  • Extra organ meat (tasty and effective way to unplug your kitty)

Other natural laxatives and supplements can help keep your kitty “on the regular”.

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  • 3P Naturals Ground Heart

    3P Naturals Ground Heart


    Earn up to 5 Points.

  • 3P Naturals Ground Liver

    3P Naturals Ground Liver


    Earn up to 5 Points.

  • Gut Soothe

    Adored Beast – Gut Soothe

    Earn 65 points!
  • Adored Beast Gut Seal

    Adored Beast Gut Seal

    Earn 25 points!
  • BEST Beef Cuisine

    BC’S BEST Beef Cat Cuisine | $9.47/lb

    Earn 19 points!
  • BC'S BEST Lamb Cat

    BC’S BEST Lamb Cat Cuisine | $9.47/lb

    Earn 18 points!
  • Bixbi Digestion

    Bixbi Digestion

    Earn 29 points!
  • True Carnivores Bone Powder

    Bone Powder by True Carnivores


    Earn up to 3 Points.

  • Carna4 Sprouted Seed Probiotic Topper

    Carna4 Sprouted Seed Probiotic Topper


    Earn up to 21 Points.

  • Carnivora Beef Organ

    Carnivora Beef Organ Mix | Grass-Fed | $2.92/lb


    Earn up to 73 Points.

  • Diggin Pumpkin

    Diggin Pumpkin & Cranberry Digestive Supplement

    Earn 14 points!
  • Happy Days Raw Fermented Goats Milk

    Happy Days Raw Fermented Goats Milk


    Earn up to 10 Points.