Allergies and yeast can be incredibly itchy, leaving your poor dog with an itch that she simply cannot find relief from. Allergies come in two different forms, through food & the environment.

If you notice your dog is rubbing his body or face on the ground or the couch, scratching incessantly or chewing fur, he may be suffering from a yeast infection. Maybe your dog has smelly ears? Red paws? Hot spots? These are all signs of an allergy, yeast, sensitivity or low immune system not being able to ward off the condition.

There are numerous reasons why allergies and yeast occur in dogs for, but the most common cause is your dog’s immune system being out of balance.

  • Has your dog taken antibiotics for something just recently or long-term?
  • Does he/she eat a food with lots of carbohydrates?
  • Does your dog suffer from leaky-gut syndrome (pathogens seeping through intestinal walls causing yeast blooms)?
  • Is your dog eating a lot of fruits and veggies that are high in sugars? (Foods high in sugars are tasty food for yeast!)
  • Has there been a recent injury or vaccine?
  • Was there a recent weather change? Springtime, pollen, excessive dampness?

If you have answered “Yes” to any of these questions then your dog’s digestive and immune systems may be out of balance. The products below are some ways to help restore your pets immune system allowing it to do its job and aiding in the overall wellness of your pet.

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