Most pet owners are all-too-familiar with the fear and stress pets experience when they’re taken to see the veterinarian. Your cat may hide at the mere sight of her carrier, and your dog may stop in her tracks and refuse to walk in the door.

Unfortunately, it’s the rare pet that’s not unnerved by the strange smells, sights and sounds — and possibly unpleasant memories — at the vet.

Maybe your dog has encountered stressful or fearful situations at home, such as a fireworks, getting ready for a big move, or maybe a new family member has been introduced. It is important to be aware of the ramifications of fear and other negative emotions on your pet’s physical and mental well-being. Using a supplement to help keep them calm and settle their nerves is a great way to help them move past their anxiety.

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  • Anxiety Relief

    Anxiety Relief by Rescue Remedy

    Earn 15 points!
  • Granville Island Pet Treatery Anxiety

    Granville Island Pet Treatery Anxiety & Stress

    Earn 13 points!
  • Home Alone

    Home Alone Anxiety Relief by NaturPet

    Earn 28 points!
  • Relax

    Relax | Stress and Anxiety Relief by Farm Dog Naturals

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  • stress relief

    Stress Relief by NaturPet

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