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Sometimes dogs get an upset tummy and with that can, unfortunately, come doggy diarrhea, on the other hand, there may be no upset tummy but instead; constipation. Either way, these products are here to help clean up any “digestive” problems your dog may be having, think of them as ‘Doggy Pepto-Bismol’. It’s important to keep an eye on your pet’s elimination habits as the quantity, color, texture, smell, and the presence of mucus or blood are all indicators of your pet’s general well being.

There is a difference between constipation and having difficulty pooping. Constipation is when your dog is straining again and again with nothing coming out. Difficulty to poop is when your dog is straining but still able to pass a bowel movement

There are natural laxatives such as coconut oil, but often your pup is only in need of a little more fibre. Products such as canned or raw pumpkin are very popular when it comes to helping your pooch out as it works quickly to both firm up and loosen your dog’s stool.

]A few reasons your dog may be constipated are;

  • Dehydration, not enough dietary fiber, lack of exercise
  • Swallowing a foreign object like a piece of cloth, part of a shoe, or rocks
  • Intestinal obstruction, including tumors
  • Infected anal glands or a hip or pelvic injury that causes pain during defecation
  • The effects of surgery, some medications, and iron supplements
  • Stress brought on by a change in routine or surroundings

Anal Glands can also play a part in poor bowel movements – our blog discusses what anal glands do and how they are helpful to your dog!


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  • Gut Soothe
    Adored Beast

    Adored Beast – Gut Soothe

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    Earn up to 65 Points.

  • Healthy Gut
    Adored Beast

    Adored Beast – Healthy Gut

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    Earn up to 65 Points.

  • L;ove Bugs
    Adored Beast

    Adored Beast – Love Bugs

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    Earn up to 60 Points.

  • Adored Beast Gut Seal
    Adored Beast

    Adored Beast Gut Seal

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    Earn 25 points!
  • Earn 4 points!
  • Carna4 Sprouted Seed Probiotic Topper

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  • Clear

    Earn up to 73 Points.

  • slippery elm

    10 in stock

    Earn 22 points!
  • Diggin Pumpkin

    2 in stock

    Earn 16 points!
  • Diggin Pumpkin Digestive Supplement

    Earn up to 52 Points.

  • Primal Edible Elixir Healthy Green Smoothie

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    Earn 18 points!
  • Primal Edible Elixir Omega Mussel
    Constipation/Bowel Support

    Edible Elixir Omega Mussel by Primal

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    Earn 15 points!
  • Happy Days Daily Enhancer
    Constipation/Bowel Support

    Happy Days Daily Enhancer Goat Milk Powder

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    Earn 20 points!
  • Happy Days Raw Fermented Goats Milk

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    Earn 10 points!
  • NaturPet Immuno Boost

    NaturPet Immuno Boost

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    Earn 35 points!
  • NovAnimal Advanced
    Earn 37 points!
  • NOVAnimal Growth Formulation
    Earn 32 points!
  • NovAnimal Maintenance Formulation
    Earn 34 points!
  • Olie Naturals Coconut Crumble

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    Earn 24 points!
  • Olie Naturals Coconut Oil

    Olie Naturals Coconut Oil

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  • Olie Naturals Lignan Works

    Olie Naturals Lignan Works

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  • Olie Naturals New Beginnings Probiotic

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  • Open Farm Kefir

    Open Farm Kefir 30oz

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  • organic canned pumpkin

    Organic Canned Pumpkin

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  • Allergies/Yeast

    PETerna Colostrum

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