10 Pack One Ingredient Steer Sticks


10 Pack One Ingredient Steer Sticks – True Carnivores

Comes with 10x 12″ Steer Sticks.

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10 Pack One Ingredient Steer Sticks

The steer sticks in this pack are 12″ long. A Steer Stick is a very popular low-odor chew for dogs of all sizes as it is easy to break unlike its thicker cousin the bully stick. Dogs just go absolutely crazy for them! These chews are a great way to satisfy all dogs’ tendencies to chew. They also a great way to exercise their gums while aiding in maintaining clean teeth.  The action of chewing tough chews promotes dental health by naturally scraping teeth and gums. This “scraping” helps to remove harmful plaque and reduce buildup, keeping your dog’s teeth clean and healthy. Not to mention, they are medium-lasting and fully digestible making them a safe treat for your pet to eat!

This delicious chew is slowly dehydrated to achieve that hardy texture that dogs absolutely love. The beef comes from free-range cattle that are allowed to mature naturally without the use of antibiotics. Raising cattle this way provides for lower fat and calorie beef that also demonstrates a higher amount of omega-3 fat. Steer Sticks closely resemble a dog’s ancestral diet of organ meats. It’s a treat that’s a natural instinct to eat!

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Ingredients: 100% Steer Muscle Meat

Made in the USA

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