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100 Mile Raw Mixed-Protein 6lb Variety Pack – $4.66/lb


All of 100 Mile Raw’s ingredients are sourced locally. Try 3 of the mixed-protein options to give your dog a great variety and a rotational feeding style. (this variety pack does not contain chicken)

Contains 6x 1lb tubes (2 turkey + beef, 2 pork + salmon, 2 salmon + beef)

Earn 28 points!

100 Mile Raw Mixed-Protein 6lb Variety Pack is a great way to try out 100 Mile Raw’s mixed-protein product line. 100 Mile Raw proudly sources all ingredients locally, using familiar growers and farmers known for ethical farming methods and sustainability, and produced in a human-grade meat processing facility.

We recommend feeding these diets in rotation for optimal balance and nutrition. Each tube contains 2 different proteins as well as our Back 2 Basics Antioxidant Veggie Blend for a well-rounded meal!

You can find more information on each recipe on their product listing:

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