Apawthecary Pets – Hot Spot Healing Salve


Apawthecary Pets – Hot Spot Healing Salve

Hemp Infused – specially formulated for the treatment of hot spots

100% natural & organic

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Apawthecary Pets – Hot Spot Healing Salve

Apawthecary Pets – Hot Spot Healing Salve is specifically formulated to treat and prevent hot spots. Hot spots are essentially an immune-mediated response of the skin. They appear as red, moist, irritated, sometimes oozy skin lesions. Hot spots also tend to appear suddenly, with no warning.  So if you see one on your dog, it’s important to treat it right away.

Hemp Infused

100% natural & organic

Made in Vancouver, BC

60g/60mL tub

Ingredients: calendula oil, chamomile oil, coconut oil, hemp oil, beeswax, hemp terenes, hypercum (St. John’s wort), vitamin E, rosemary extract

Administration: clean affected area and apply salve 2-3 times a day until problem resolves. Should see results in 2-4 days. Consult your veterinarian if the problem persists.

Safe if consumed, store in a cool, dry location

More about Apawthecary Pets:

Medical Wellness for Your Pet

Apawthecary Pets was created because of our love and passion for animals, all things natural and a life-long search for healthy alternatives to help our four-legged friends without having to turn to pharmaceuticals all the time.

Being life long pet owners we know our elderly pets were struggling with pain from arthritis and other conditions. So we started researching and developing a plant based healthy treat that contained super foods and grains. After experiencing resounding success with relief of symptoms and pain, others soon began wanting to use our treats and Apawthecary Pets was born.

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