Back 2 Basics Kangaroo Tail (Raw and Frozen)

Great meaty bone for dogs with sensitivities

Use as a meal replacement or dental chew

Approximately 1 lb per package


Earn 10 points!

Real Raw Kangaroo Tails

Real Raw Kangaroo Tails are a great meaty bone choice for pets with food sensitivities.

Kangaroo is a novel protein and one of the top choices for pets with protein allergies. It is free-range and non-medicated, and a super lean choice for pets who need a diet low in fat.

The small, soft bones in these tail pieces are perfect for cleaning teeth.


*True Carnivores recommends you always supervise your pet while chewing a bone, and to ensure you select bones that are appropriate for your dog’s size and chewing style. 


Suggested serving size (1 piece – approx 115 – 130 grams)

Calories: 420

Moisture – 71%

Fat – 8%

Protein – 19%

Fibre – 2%

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