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Back 2 Basics Pork Spleen Filet – 1lb Portion Pack


Pork spleen is an organ meat that is rich in iron, selenium, and vitamins B1 and B3.

Available in a 1lb package.

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Back 2 Basics Pork Spleen Filet is a great organ choice for homemade raw diets, suggested to be served up to 5% of the overall diet. It also is a good choice as a topper to provide an extra boost of nutrients and added variety to premade meals!

Spleen is highly concentrated in iron and particularly high in the amino acid tryptophan. The high amounts of iron present in spleen makes it a beneficial organ to include in raw diets for developing puppies. It is also a great source of selenium and vitamins B1 (thiamine) and B3 (niacin), which support healthy metabolic function.

If you feed a diet that has large amounts of certain species of fish (smelt, anchovy, mackerel, and sardines), it is worth noting that these fish contain an enzyme called thiaminase that depletes the body of vitamin B1 (thiamine), so feeding an item that is high in vitamin B1 such as pork spleen is a great way to help keep the diet balanced and make sure your pet isn’t becoming deficient!

Nutritional Info:

The amount of calories, protein, fat, and carbs are based on 1oz (28g).

Calories 28kcal
Protein 17.8%
Fat 2.6%
Carbs 0%

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