Back 2 Basics Turkey Hearts (Raw & Frozen) - 1lb bag

Available in a 1lb bag of individually frozen, split turkey hearts!

Split in half, suitable for cats and dogs.

Excellent source of taurine.


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Real Raw Turkey Hearts

Turkey Hearts are highly nutritious muscular organs for cats and dogs. Turkey hearts are split in half and individually frozen, and make for either a tasty snack or an essential addition to any cat’s diet. Turkey hearts are full of protein and rich in the amino acid taurine, which is essential for proper eye and heart function. Hear contains selenium, phosphorus, and zinc, along with essential amino acids that help to muscle growth, store energy, and boost stamina and endurance. The heart also contains twice as much collagen and elastin than regular meat, which is important for healthy joints.

As the heart is not a secreting organ such as the liver it can be considered muscle meat and is not a high risk for causing loose stools!

Available in a 1lb bag of individually frozen split turkey hearts!

Ingredients: Turkey Heart

Nutritional Analysis per 100g:
Calories: 115
Protein: 17.1g
Fat: 4.8g
Calcium: 6mg
Phosphorous: 222mg

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