BC’S BEST Chicken Cuisine


100% BC Made, BC’S BEST  stays true to traditional farming.

Available in a 4.5 or 12lb box!

Portioned in 1/2lb patties

4.5lb box = $6.21/lb

12lb box = $5.75/lb


Earn up to 69 Points.

BC’S Best Chicken Cuisine is a premium raw food that stays true to traditional farming, BC’S BEST chicken is 100% organic and uses local and seasonal fruits and vegetables giving you a different product line between the seasons!

Their quality is built on the core values of pet health, local ingredients, sustainable agriculture and humane animal production standards.

Each meal includes vitamin and mineral dense super foods chosen for their powerful antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and potent immune-enhancing and anti-cancer phytonutrients.

Batch 1:Chicken frames, chicken whole, beef liver, beef heart, kidney, tongue, lung, whole egg 2 dozen/100 lbs, kale, carrots, pea shoots, apples, apple cider vinegar, flax seeds ground,bentonite clay, oregano

Batch 2: Chicken Frames, chicken whole, chicken offals, whole egg, mixed greens, summer squash, broccoli, raspberry, lentil sprouts, dog grass, apple cider vinegar, flax seed ground, oregano

100% BC Local!



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