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Bulk Beef Neck Slices – from $5.00/lb


Beef necks chunks in a variety of sizes, these bones are meaty and make a great meal replacement!

5lbs = $5.39/lb

10lbs = $5.00/lb


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Beef neck bones are harder than poultry or pork bones, but softer weight-bearing bones such as knuckles and femurs. They help clean teeth and contain good amount of cartilage for joint health. Beef necks can be given as a meal replacement or a tasty treat throughout the day. Always monitor your pets carefully when giving recreational bones.

Ingredients: 100%  beef neck bone.

For more information on feeding your dog raw bones, check out our blog post!

IMPORTANT: True Carnivores recommends that you are present during the feeding of all bones to ensure your dogs safety. Always choose an appropriately sized bone (the bigger the better) to avoid the chance of your dog swallowing it whole. Otherwise, have fun with it! Bones are an important part of any dogs raw food diet for beautiful teeth, not so bad breath, and something rewarding to pass the time. Your dog will surely have a bone to pick with you if you leave these out!




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