Smack Very Berry for Cats


Available in a 1.5kg size!

Very Berry Crunchy Style for Cats – a healthy alternative to kibble for picky cats, emergency kits or traveling.

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Smack Very Berry for Cats is lip-smacking food for cats that can be fed like a kibble or with added water. It contains 93% ‘Manitoba Made’ chicken raised with no antibiotics, no drugs or added hormones. wild BC pink salmon, and whole egg. Our chicken and wild salmon are bone-in and with organs as a holistic raw food for cats naturally includes.”

If you’re looking for a healthy and convenient alternative to kibble for those picky cats, emergency kits, or traveling, Smack Very Berry is a great option!

Ingredients: Antibiotic-free chicken (bone-in & organs), wild BC pink salmon (bone-in & organs), whole egg, eggshell powder, cranberry, organic blueberry, organic strawberry, spinach, parsley, celery, rosemary, organic alfalfa, and marjoram.


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