Big Country Raw Farm Deal $4.67/lb


Ideal for sensitive pets! Does not contain any poultry, beef, fruits or veggies.

Each box contains 4lbs (1lb portions) of:

  • Pure Duck
  • Pure Lamb
  • Pure Pork

*Please note: it is normal for goat and lamb/sheep products to have a gamey or strong scent especially during their mating season which runs from late summer to early winter. 

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Big Country Raw Farm Deal

The perfect choice for pets with allergies or sensitivities, this box does not contain any poultry, beef, fruits or veggies.

This variety box contains 3 different proteins. Each box contains 4lbs of; Pure Duck, Pure Lamb, Pure Pork. Meal planning made easy!

  • Hormone and antibiotic-free meat
  • Three different proteins offer excellent meal rotation
  • Suitable for dogs and cats
  • Conveniently Packaged in 1lb vacuum sealed portions

Pure Recipe Ratio:

  • 80% Muscle Meat
  • 10% Organ meat
  • 10% Ground Bone

We recommend adding an Omega-3 oil or feeding fish once or twice a week to round out the nutrition of these meals.

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