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Bold by Nature Select Pork for Dogs - 4lb Box - $6.99/lb

Bold By Nature Select Pork is a veggie-free formula with added beef tripe.

The ratio of Select is 70% meat, 15% beef tripe, 10% bone, and 5% organs.

Available in a 4lb box (8 x 1/2lb patties)


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Bold By Nature Select Pork

Our Select Pork patties are formulated as nature intended. Our premium recipe is full of ground pork meat, ground bone, nutritious organ meat and green beef tripe. Our patties are packed with flavour and nutrition.

The ratio of Select is 70% meat, 15% beef tripe, 10% bone, and 5% organs.

The idea behind Bold by Nature Select was to model the natural prey diet of a cat or a dog, using tripe to add omega oils, probiotics, and digestive enzymes to encourage a healthy stomach.

Our Select Raw blends were also designed to provide a carbohydrate-free raw diet option. The blend contains no fruits or veggies, which is great for pets with diabetes, yeast issues, or weight problems. It is also gluten-free!

Here are the benefits your pet may experience after switching to Bold By Nature Select Pork:

  • Well-formed stools & much less to clean up
  • Better digestion due to natural probiotics found in tripe
  • Cleaner teeth
  • Improved quality of coat & fur
  • Better appetite from picky eaters

How to Serve

  • Keep food frozen. When ready, thaw the necessary portion in the fridge. Patties will thaw in 12 hours (approximately).
  • Store all unused portions in the fridge. Raw food should be used within 4 days.
  • Handle all raw meat with appropriate care and hygiene. Wash all surfaces, bowls and utensils with hot, soapy water.
  • DO NOT COOK. Contains ground bone.

4 lbs of 8oz patties (8 patties)

Pork meat, pork bone, beef tripe, pork liver & kelp.

Nutritional Analysis

Protein (Min.) 20.7 %
Fat (Min.) 15.67%
Fibre (Max.) 7.52%
Moisture (Max.) 61.24%
Calories per Patty 488

*You might notice changes in the colour of some patties, or that some packages have lost their vacuum seal. This is normal and expected, and the food is still perfectly safe to feed your pets.

Bold By Nature foods are rapidly frozen in a cryogenic freeze tunnel. The process can displace the oxygen on the surface of the food, which can alter the surface colouration. The vacuum-sealing process further removes all oxygen from the packaging, contributing to the outside edges of the food turning brown or pale in colour. This doesn’t affect the safety or nutrition of the food, and the inside below the surface will still be the healthy pink or red you expect.

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