Bold Raw Beef & Tripe | $7.07/LB

Beef and Tripe by Bold Raw for dogs

A unique blend that is tasty and nutritious!

6.5lb bag of 20 patties (5 oz each)


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Bold Raw Beef & Tripe is a unique recipe of meat and bone with tripe, liver, and kelp.  A healthy and delicious meal for any dog, packaged in convenient patty forms also makes it easy for you to serve.

This product is ideal for dogs who are new to raw, are high energy, or are showing signs of high yeast levels. Since there are no fruits or veggies included in the food tripe has taken on the vegetation role, a natural probiotic!

Tripe is included in all of Bold Raw’s recipes help to make their meals a complete diet as tripe is loaded with digestive enzymes, essential fatty acids, and the perfect ratio of calcium and phosphorus, 1:1. We regularly recommend adding tripe to meals that do not contain any because of the rich nutrients they contain. It can help with digestion, irritable bowel syndrome, enhance the immune system, and lower the risk of pollen allergies.

Bold Raw is made in Erin, Ontario, Canada


Beef with bone, Green Beef Tripe, Beef Heart and Liver, and Kelp

Each bag weighs 6.5 pounds of 20 patties and each patty weighs 5 oz (1/3 lb).

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