Buddies Cat Butcher Block Lamb – $9.32/lb


Available in a 3lb Bag

12 x 1/4lb Pieces per 3lb bag

Blend of lamb, rabbit and pork.


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Buddies Cat Butcher Block Lamb is a blend of lamb, bone-in rabbit, and pork or lamb heart and organs. This is a great blend for pets who might have a sensitivity to beef, and for pets who need a more moderate-fat option that pure lamb or pork, as rabbit is very lean.  Available in 1/4lb (4oz) portions in a 3lb bag.

Buddies is made in Duncan, BC.

Ingredients: 50% Boneless Lamb, 20% Whole Bone-In Rabbit, 20% Pork/Lamb Heart (based on availability), 10% Pork/Lamb Organs (based on availability)



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