Buddies Cat Butcher Block – $4.39/lb


20 x 4oz (1/4lb) Portions

Blend of 3 Proteins

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Buddies Cat Butcher Block

Buddies Cat Butcher block is a blend of bone-in chicken, boneless beef, salmon , and of course organs for Taurine! This blend of proteins allows  for your cat to have some extra variety with these 4oz portions. Buddies Natural believes in using only Antibiotic Free and Non GMO Proteins. There is little to no processing to preserve the nutrients and vitamins with no additives, or undetermined ingredients, as well as being free of added hormones and antibiotics.

Ingredients: 35% Bone-in Chicken, 35% Boneless Beef, 20% Heart & Liver, and 10% Wild Salmon

When in-season the Beef is sourced from a variety of free-run and free-range farms across Alberta and British Columbia. During the off-season, Buddies free-run and free-range Beef come from New Zealand.

All of the free-run chickens that are used in Buddies products are raised Vancouver Island – which means that you are supporting the local farmers who are our friends and neighbours, right here on Vancouver Island

Having a business located on Vancouver Island surrounded by the gorgeous ocean, allows Buddies to have an abundance of easily accessible, sustainably sourced wild fish such as Wild Salmon, Tuna, and Herring.

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