Buddies Cat Kangaroo Butcher Block – $6.59/lb


20 x 4oz (1/4lb) Portions

Antibiotic and Hormone Free

Made with Human Grade Proteins!

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Buddies Cat Kangaroo Butcher Block

Buddies Kangaroo Butcher Block is made with boneless Kangaroo, Bone-In Duck and Pork Organs as a source of Taurine! Kangaroo, Duck and Pork are great proteins to use for pets with allergies or sensitivities. This Product is perfect for cats who cannot have any additives or supplements. Buddies Natural believes in using only Antibiotic Free and Non-GMO Proteins. There is little to no processing to preserve the nutrients and vitamins with no additives, or undetermined ingredients, as well as being hormone and antibiotics Free. Feed Buddies Cat Kangaroo Butcher blockas part of a rotational diet including other red and white meats along with some Fish for Omega-3s!

Ingredients: 40% Boneless Kangaroo, 30% Whole Bone-In Duck, 20% Pork Heart, 5% Pork Liver, 5% Pork Kidney

Buddies free-run ducks come from across the waters in the beautiful Fraser Valley.

Our free-run pork is 100% Canadian and is 100% from Vancouver Island! Canada is proud to have the cleanest pork in the world and is the #1 supplier for pork.




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