Buddies Chicken & Beef 20LB | $3.65/lb


Buddies Chicken & Beef

20x 1lb pieces

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Buddies Chicken & Beef Butcher Block is a blend of chicken, beef, veggies and of course organ & bone! This meal is an economical and convenient option which can be a good choice for large breed dogs. Blending these meats together gives your dog variance that other bulk companies don’t always offer! Feed Butcher Block Chicken by Buddies as part of a rotational diet including other red and white meats along with raw meaty bones!

Ingredients: 50% Bone In Chicken, 20% Boneless Beef, 15% Seasonal Veggie Blend, 10% Beef Organs (Kidney & Liver),  5% Bone Dust



20 x 1lb bag

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