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Buddies chicken, beef & beef tripe!

20 x 1 lb pieces

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Buddies Chicken, Beef & Tripe

Buddies Chicken, Beef & Tripe Butcher Block is a blend of chicken, beef, beef tripe and of course organ & bone! This meal is an economical and convenient option which can be a good choice for large breed dogs. The addition of tripe instead of veggies is perfect for dogs who aren’t too keen on veggies or just for the simple fact that tripe is amazing for the digestive system! Blending these meats together gives your dog variance that other bulk companies don’t always offer. Feed Butcher Block Tripe by Buddies as part of a rotational diet including other red and white meats along with raw meaty bones!

Ingredients: 45% Bone-in Chicken, 25% Seasonal Green Tripe (Beef or Lamb), 15% Boneless Beef, 10% Beef Organs (kidney & liver), 5% bone dust


20 x 1lb Bag

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