Buddies Egg Shell Calcium


Buddies egg shell powder is an excellent source of calcium which aids in building strong bones, good circulation, and hormone distribution.

Each container contains 200g of finely ground egg shell

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Buddies Egg Shell Calcium Powder is a 100% all natural source of calcium and is one of nature’s most bioavailable and purest forms of calcium. Egg shell calcium is an excellent supplement for senior dogs, dogs who are transitioning onto a raw diet, or just an overall calcium booster as it helps balance out the phosphorus ratio in other foods.

This egg shell powder is an essential nutrient for building strong bones, helping with muscular movement, neuron transmissions, and proper hormone distribution.

Buddies eggs shell calcium supplement is often added to homemade raw and/or cooked diets for pets who require additional calcium in their diet.


Ingredients: Raw egg shells, rinsed, dehydrated, and finely ground

In every half a teaspoon there is approximately 1,000 milligrams calcium

Each container contains 200g of finely ground egg shell

*Keep refrigerated after opening*

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