Buddies Rabbit for Cats & Dogs – from $11.90/lb


100% Ground Local Rabbit, Hormone Free – Great for cats with sensitivities

Available in 1/4lb vacuum-sealed portions

1/4lb single = $14.00/lb

10lb box = $11.90/lb


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Buddies Cat Rabbit

Buddies Cat Rabbit is made using only 100% Bone-In Local Rabbit! This Product is perfect for cats with Allergies or Sensitivities. Buddies Natural believes in using only Antibiotic Free and Non GMO Proteins. There is little to no processing order to preserve the nutrients and vitamins with no additives. Feed as part of a rotational diet including other red and white meats along with Fish for Omega 3’s.

Ingredients: 100% Ground Bone-In Local Rabbit

Buddies rabbit suppliers raise them on a free-range farm but also have shelter for them to come inside during the night. They are fed non-GMO feed and raised on Vancouver Island.



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