Buddies Rabbit for Cats & Dogs – from $13.00/lb


100% Ground Local Rabbit, Hormone Free – Great for cats and dogs with sensitivities

Available in 1/4lb vacuum-sealed portions

1/4lb single = $15.80/lb

10lb box = $13.00/lb


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Buddies Cat Rabbit

Buddies Cat Rabbit is a lean, novel protein meal made using only 100% bone-in local rabbit!

This product is perfect for cats and dogs with allergies or sensitivities, or for those needing a diet low in fat. It is recommended to feed as part of a rotational diet including other red and white meats along with fish for Omega 3’s.

Ingredients: 100% Ground Bone-In Local Rabbit

Buddies rabbit suppliers raise them on a free-range farm but also have shelter for them to come inside during the night. They are fed non-GMO feed and raised on Vancouver Island.



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