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Butcher Blend Limited Ingredient Turkey for Cats - from $7.24/lb

Blend of turkey muscle meat, turkey bone, turkey heart, turkey liver. Available in vacuum-sealed packages.

  • 1/2lb single = $7.58/lb
  • 4lb box (8x 1/2lb portions) = $7.24/lb



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Butcher Blend Limited Ingredient Turkey for Cats is a delicious, single-protein meal that contains muscle meat, bones, and organs. Butcher Blend Limited Ingredient diets make the perfect base for your cat’s fresh food diet to customize as you (or they) like!

Supplement as desired to create a healthy, balanced diet for your pet. Some supplements we would recommend are:

  • Omega-3’s: turkey is especially low in Omega-3 fats, so supplementing is essential for cats on white meat-only diets. Rotating with a fish diet a couple of times per week, or adding fish oil to meals will balance the Omega 3-6-9 fats in their diet and help to support a healthy skin and coat as well as reducing inflammation.
  • Minerals: turkey is lower than red meats in some essential minerals such as zinc and iodine. Adding kelp or a multi-vitamin or mineral supplement will help to ensure your cat is getting a more balanced vitamin and mineral profile in their diet.
  • Fibre: vegetables are optional in a cat’s diet, but some cats may benefit from the fibre that they add to the diet. If your cat is overweight, prone to hairballs, or experiences loose stool, adding a source of fibre to their diet could be helpful. This could come from a small amount of pureed veggies, pumpkin, treats or chews with fur or feathers attached, or ground sprouted seeds.
  • Probiotics: a good probiotic supplement can benefit any pet no matter what type of diet they are on. 80% of the immune system is in the gut, so having a healthy and well-functioning digestive system is the key to a healthy pet!

Available in 1/2 pound portions. Check out our feeding calculator to see how much your cat will need to eat every day!


Ingredients: Turkey muscle meat, turkey bone, turkey heart, turkey liver.

*Nutritional analysis coming soon



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