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Butcher Blend Limited Ingredient Whole Prey Quail for Cats


  • Ground whole prey quail – including feathers for a natural source of fibre!
  • Available in half-pound (227g) vacuum-sealed packages
  • 1/2lb single $9.90/lb
  • 4lb vac-pac (8x 1/2lb pieces) $9.24/lb

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Butcher Blend Ground Whole Prey Quail is a unique diet utilizing the entire bird, including feathers, to offer your pet a low-allergen meal with an excellent source of fibre, in a naturally balanced formula as nature intended! Hormone and antibiotic-free.

We grind whole 4-6 week old quail including easily digestible bones for your cat. This is a great option to add fibre to a raw diet, especially if there is a lack of veggies in your cat’s diet. Also a great alternative if you or your cat is a bit unsure of feeding whole prey items in their original state!

If this meal is making up the majority of your cat’s diet, we recommend adding an additional source of taurine such as raw or freeze-dried hearts, or a taurine supplement.

Ingredients: ground whole quail (4-6 weeks old) including feathers and all organs

Nutritional Analysis per 100g
Calories 112
Protein 20.8%
Fat 1.44%
Crude Fibre 4.2%
Carbohydrates 4.0%
Moisture 70.28%
Calcium 761mg (0.76%)
Phosphorus 612mg (0.61%)


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