Carnivora Mixed Dinner Special – $4.37/lb

$153.00 $139.95

An easy way to add variety to your pet’s diet!

32 lbs – divided into 8 4lb resealable bags

Receive 2 each of the following:

Beef Dinner, Chicken Dinner, Pork Dinner, Turkey Dinner

Earn 140 points!

Carnivora Mixed Dinner Special is a great way to get variety into your pet’s diet while keeping things easy for you by only having to pick 1 item! A variety of red and white meats is the basis for a healthy, well-balanced raw diet. With this variety pack, you don’t need to think about your pet getting enough options in their diet, we’ve done it all for you!

Each order will contain two 4lb resealable bags of the following proteins (contains 5% fruits and vegetables):

  • Beef Dinner
  • Chicken Dinner
  • Pork Dinner
  • Turkey Dinner

Carnivora is made in Saskatoon, using a whole animal prey model: the whole animal carcass – mimicking that which would naturally be found in the wild including all of the best cuts of meat, bones, and organs (not just the leftovers).


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