Carnivores Kitchen Hare Hoppers Half Pound Bag


Available in a half pound bag

Great for Dogs of all Sizes



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Carnivores Kitchen Hare Hoppers

Our Hare Hoppers are a delicious treat that dogs absolutely love! These Rabbit pieces are a pleasant low odour chew, slow dried to crunchy perfection. These fully digestible treats are low in fat and perfect for dogs with sensitivities. Rabbit meat is a rich source of high quality protein. It is easily digested, low in calories, low in sodium and virtually cholesterol free. Low cholesterol helps aid in healthier cardio function, a more active lifestyle, and aids in a better metabolism.

No Hormones, Antibiotics, or Artificial Colours

Ingredients: Rabbit meat, tapioca flour, beef collagen casing

This product is NOT COOKED, but dehydrated. Slow Drying at 90 degrees celsius for over 10 hours reduces the moisture content, and keeping the natural chew fresh and locking in all of its flavours.

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