Carnivores Kitchen Rabbit Sticks 6 Pieces


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 Carnivoes Kitchen Rabbit Sticks

Our Rabbit Sticks are all natural 6″ Rabbit chew for dogs. No additives or preservatives have been used in the preparation of this product. These Rabbit meat sticks are a pleasant low odour chew, slow dried to crunchy perfection. These tasty treats are a fully digestible chew that dogs love!

A great hypoallergenic treat for dogs with food sensitivities. Many dogs that have a sensitivity to chicken or beef have now found a low allergy treat they can enjoy. Also great for dogs on a low-fat diet for issues such as pancreatitis!

No hormones. No antibiotics. No artificial colors

These treats can be broken into small pieces as a great reward treat.

Store in a cool dry place in its resealable bag

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