Noah’s Ark Pet Health Support With Coconut Oil


Available in 2 sizes:
300mg/30mL (10mg/mL)
800mg/50mL (16mg/mL)

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Pet Health Support with Coconut Oil from Noah’s Ark is available in two concentrations: 300mg per 30mL, and 800mg per 50mL

Which one is right for your pet?

300mg (recommended dosage 1 drop per 2lbs of weight)

10mg per mL (0.5mg per drop)

  • Small dogs
  • Cats
  • Pets only requiring a low dose
  • Use for health benefits rather than anxiety or pain management

800mg (recommended dosage 3 drops per 10lbs of weight)

26mg per mL (1.3mg per drop)

  • Large dogs
  • Pets requiring a higher dose
  • Long-term use (required dosage can increase over extended periods of use)
  • Pets with seizures, tumors and cancer

This innovative formula contains human grade ingredients with the highest-grade Hemp oil. Noah’s Ark ingredients are simple and limited offering 100% natural ingredients free of preservatives and additives with no unwanted side effects.

Benefits of Hemp oil:

  • Reduced inflammation and pain management
  • Helps ease anxiety and stress
  • May boost cognitive function for elderly pets
  • Stimulate appetite in sick or elderly pets
  • May slow the growth of or kill cancer cells
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • Highly-concentrated product, this is a great option for moderate to severe conditions or large pets that would otherwise require high amounts of product

INGREDIENTS: Organic coconut oil, organic hemp extract

Store in a cool, dry place.


300mg: Use 1 drop per 2lbs body weight (Ex. 5 drops for 10lbs)

  • 10mg per mL (0.5mg per drop)

800mg: Use 3 drops per 10lbs body weight (Ex. 15 drops for 50lbs)

  • 26mg per mL (1.3mg per drop)

Use twice daily (or more often if needed), given by mouth or in mixed into food.

You may increase dosage as needed, as there is no risk of overdose or toxicity from Hemp extracts. After long-term usage, a higher dosage may be required to achieve the desired effect.

*Please note than Hemp Oil will take 30 min-1 hr to take effect, and full effects will be seen after approximately 1.5-2hrs. When initially starting, it is recommended to start with a 1/2 dose and observe effects after 1hr, increasing as needed until desired results are achieved. Pets may require more or less than the recommended amount.



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