Chicken Carcass


Great meal replacement!

Available in 3.5kg bag

Packed with cartilage, soft bone and skin these tasty chews are high in protein, nutritious and a tasty addition to your dog’s diet.

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Chicken carcass is a great meal replacement or a tasty and nutritious addition to your dogs diet! Chicken carcass  contains natural glucosamine & chondroitin which is great for your dogs joints! It is also loaded with omega 3 fats which help with skin, joints & cellular health and full of calcium, phosphorus & bone building minerals.

Chicken carcass is easy to eat and digest and has a great workout effect on the jaw while being natures toothbrush and cleaning the teeth.


-Meal replacement

-Addition to any meal

-Packed full of goodness

-natures toothbrush!

What more would you ask for in a bone?

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