Club Canine Chicken Dinner |$3.14/lb


Order by Tuesday receive by Friday!

Available in 3 different sizes!

Club Canine is made locally and considered a legacy brand as they have been around since the early 2000’s!


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Club Canine Chicken Dinner is available in three different and convenient sizes – order by Tuesday receive by Friday!

Club Canine Chicken Dinner is a great fully balanced meal for your dog! With an excellent balance of meat, bone and organ, this meal option also includes fruits and veggies along with supplements. Choosing this pre-made meal is easy and convenient! Feed Club Canine’s Chicken Dinner as part of a rotational diet along with other red and white proteins and raw meaty bones!

Ingredients: 80% Meat, Organs, Bone/Bone Dust, 20% Veggies, Fruits and Supplements (salmon oil, parsley, alfalfa, kelp, bee pollen and garlic)

Made In Canada!

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10 x 250g, 10 x 500g, 5 x 1200g

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