Club Canine Sole – from $3.47/lb


Available in many different sizes!

Club Canine is made locally and considered a legacy brand as they have been around since the early 2000’s!


Earn up to 34 Points.

Club Canine Sole is great for dogs on a moderate protein and low-fat regiment. The natural Omega 3’s found in this fish encourage a healthy nervous system, increase brain development and support many other body systems. Sole is also great for helping dogs work through allergies as the amino acids found in it promote epidermal health which equates to better skin. Feed Sole as part of a rotational diet along with red and white meats and raw meaty bones!

This product is great for those who are looking to make their own pet food at home because of its simplicity and great value. For tips on homemade raw feeding, please see our blog post!

Ingredients: 100% Sole, Bones, and Skin.


Made In Canada!


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