Colloidal Silver by True Raw Choice


Pure Colloidal Silver, a natural antibiotic and anti-fungal a natural antibiotic and anti-fungal liquid.


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Colloidal Silver accelerates healing and works wonders on pets & animals. C.S. is used as a treatment to fight more than 650 disease organisms found in both humans and pets – the treatment is effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses without affecting the healthy cells surrounding the infection. It is said that colloidal silver helps treat osteoporosis, arthritis, nerves & stress, blood circulatory cleanser, eyes, ears, canker, sinus, muscle & joints, bones & ligaments, allergens, pollution, and general skin problems.

This is a natural and safe antibiotic alternative that can be consumed orally and used topically and in ears to help prevent and aid in the healing of infections and irritations.

Ingredients: Pure silver (10 parts per million), aqua

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125ml, 250ml Spray, 250ml Cap, 1ltr

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