Crumps Beef Tendersticks


Beef Tendersticks by Crumps Natural! Perfect for any kind of treat giving! High in protein, Low in fat!

Available in a 250g  Package

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Crumps Beef Tendersticks

Crumps Beef Tendersticks are great treats for dogs on any occasion. Tendersticks are thin slices of beef lung that are high in protein but low in fat. These delicious tendersticks can be easily cut in to smaller pieces or if you have a bigger dog, let her take a big piece! The slices are dry so they are easily carried in a treat pouch or your pockets out on a walk.

Crumps beef tendersticks are made from 100% federally inspected  beef lung and are also free from colouring, additives, and preservatives.


Beef Lung

Made in Canada


120g, 250g

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