Crumps Sweet Potato and Liver Chews


Sweet Potato and Liver Chews by Crumps! A great treat for dogs with allergies or sensitive tummies!

Available in a 330g bag

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Crumps Sweet Potato and Liver Chews

The crumps sweet potato and liver chews are loaded with fiber that is beneficial for digestive health. These treats are very popular with dogs who have irritable bowel syndrome or otherwise a very easily upset tummy because the fiber will act as a regulator in their diet.

One difference from the Crumps Original Sweet Potato Chews is that this one is covered generously in baked beef liver powder! Some dogs are truly carnivores and won’t want to eat a vegetable treat. This one will be a sure hit if your dog loves meat treats, plus you will have the added benefit of the sweet potato!

Sweet potato chews are also not high in calories so you can spoil your dog and it will take your dog longer to eat than a biscuit! The chews can also be used to put inside a toy because they are flexible to give your dog an even better playing time with their favourite chew toy.

Crumps only uses human grade sweet potatoes for their pet treats and these sweet potatoes grown in Ontario.


Human Grade Sweet Potatoes, Baked beef liver

Made in Canada

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