Cryogenically Freeze-Dried Lake Smelts 60 Grams


Cryogenically freeze-dried Canadian Lake Smelt

Lightweight treat great for dogs, cats and ferrets

Store frozen to preserve maximum freshness!

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One Ingredient Freeze-Dried Smelts

One Ingredient Freeze-Dried Canadian Lake Smelts are popular treat with dogs, cats, and even ferrets! These fresh-water fish are cryogenically freeze-dried to retain maximal levels of nutrients and keep a softer, natural texture. These versatile treats can be used as high-value training treats, broken into pieces as a food topper, or to just add a boost of nutrition and omega-3 fats to your pet’s regular diet.

Ingredients: 100% Canadian lake smelt

What is cryogenic freeze-drying?

Cryogenic freeze-drying is a slow freezing and drying process that uses extreme freezing and vacuum pressure to dehydrate proteins without heat. This method ensures nutrients remain intact and results in a soft, natural texture rather than the crunchiness you’d find with dehydrated treats.

We recommend storing these treats in the freezer to keep the natural oils fresh.

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