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Cryogenically Freeze-Dried Mahi-Mahi 70g

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For Cats and Dogs!

Delicious Topper or Tasty, High-Value Treat

Available in a 70g resealable bag.

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Cryogenically Freeze-Dried Mahi-Mahi is a tasty, low-fat, healthy treat for dogs & cats! These “One Ingredient” small cubes are freeze-dried in small batches so they’re always as fresh as possible for your pets!

Cryogenically Freeze-Dried Mahi-Mahi is perfect for training treats, just-gimme treats, or even as a food topper to entice pets to eat their meal.  Even the pickiest dogs & cats seem to love these tasty treats! Dry and light, these are perfect to carry around in a treat pouch as well.

Made in Canada

Ingredients: 100% mahi-mahi



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