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Diggin Pumpkin & Cranberry Digestive Supplement

Firm Up is one of our most popular digestive supplements. You can add them to your dog or cat’s food when they have an upset tummy or add to their food daily for regular digestion.


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Diggin Pumpkin & Cranberry Digestive Supplement

Firm Up Pumpkin and Cranberry also includes cranberry powder along with the Pumpkin and Apple Fiber. If you want to help support your pet’s urinary health, this is a great option as the cranberry has shown to be helpful in preventing urinary tract infections. The cranberries make the urine more acidic so that bacteria have a harder time surviving but scientists also believe it could be preventing them from sticking to the urinary tract walls by affecting the bacteria themselves or the coating on the urinary tract walls. We often recommend this product to cats who are eating dry food because they are so prone to getting urinary tract infections.

Firm Up also has the advantage of being in a dried powdered format. It is light, easy to add, and it won’t spoil for weeks after you first open it. Each bag is equivalent to about 3-4 cans of ground pumpkin but if you only use a little bit, you can save it for later unlike with canned pumpkin!


Ingredients: Pumpkin, Apple Fiber, Cranberry

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