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Feline Natural Canned Food for Cats


  • High in meat. Low in carbohydrates. Grain-free.
  • A complete and balanced diet
  • Rich in protein providing glossy skin and coat
  • Made with Natural Fresh New Zealand Water for added hydration to your cat’s diet
  • NO wheat, gluten, GMO ingredients, corn, soy, cereals, dairy, rice, potato, and all other fillers
  • Available in cases of 12 x 6oz (170g) cans

Feline Natural Canned Food for Cats is crafted with wholefood New Zealand ingredients and selected vitamins and minerals. Feline Natural’s unique canned diets are blended with water for added hydration and provide the best blends of nature in nutrition for your cat. No grains, gluten, GMO ingredients, dairy, rice, soy, cereals, potato starch, fillers, or gelling agents. Made in New Zealand with grass-fed free-range beef and lamb, cage-free chicken, and sustainable wild-caught fish, your cat will get all the rich protein goodness they deserve.

Free RangeCage-Free ChickenGrass-Fed & FinishedAdded HydrationComplete & Balanced

Ingredients and Nutritional Information

Beef Feast

Beef & Hoki Feast

Chicken Feast

Chicken & Lamb Feast

Chicken & Venison Feast

Lamb Feast

Lamb & Salmon Feast


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