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Four Leaf Rover Better Bones – Dried Bone For Homemade Diets


Many dogs struggle to eat whole bones. Better Bones is a safer alternative that’s suitable for senior dogs, puppies and cooked diets. There’s no need to worry about choking or splintering and no need to add unnatural calcium to cooked foods. It’s bones made better!

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Four Leaf Rover Better Bones is a safe and natural way to add calcium to your dog’s raw or home-cooked meals. These bones come from fully inspected human-grade Australian grass-fed cattle and are carefully dried and powdered.

It’s important that your dog gets the right amount of calcium and phosphorus. Joint and skeletal problems can begin to develop if these minerals are out of balance. Bone is the correct ratio of calcium and phosphorus, which makes it really easy to balance in a variety of diets.

Calcium sources like coral, seaweed and eggshell are good, but they have little to no phosphorus content. This creates a real challenge when trying to balance your dog’s minerals.

Better Bones is rich in amino acids and growth factors which are often lacking in other sources of calcium. It also contains natural vitamin D which regulates the calcium and phosphorus balance.


dried beef bone, in powdered form, from BSE-free, grass-fed and pastured Australian cattle.


For Adult Dogs: Feed 2 teaspoons per 25lbs body weight daily or as directed by your veterinarian.

Amount per pound of food:

 Fat In Food Amount Calcium Phosphorus Ca:Ph
10% fat or less 2 tsp 2.12 2.15 1:1
11-15% fat 2 tsp 1.72 1.67 1:1
15-20% fat 2 tsp 1.43 1.34 1.1:1
AAFCO Adult Minimum Requirements 1.25 1.00 1:1
AAFCO Maximum Requirements 6.25 4.00 2:1

For puppies & Pregnant/Nursing Dogs: Feed 5 teaspoons per 25lbs body weight daily or as directed by your veterinarian.

One jar of Better Bones makes 30 pounds of food for an adult dog.

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