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Grain Free Bitz by Feelgood Treat Company


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Feelgood Grain Free

Venison Bitz

Feelgood biscuits are the crunchy, take-anywhere bit gone wild! These small bitz (about 2cm x 2cm) are a great training bit…easy to carry and to break…and dogs love ‘em. They’re baked dry and crunchy and handcrafted from all natural ingredients. They are wheat, gluten and preservative-free.

Ingredients: Venison liver, potato flour, carrot, pumpkin, dried potatoes and olive oil.


Goat Bitz

Grain-free, crunchy, tasty bits are also available in goat! Great for training and are free of wheat, gluten and preservatives so you can feel good about giving them to your dog!

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Venison, Turkey, Goat


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