Ground Llama - from $7.49/lb

100% coarsely-ground pure llama meat

Available in 1lb singles or a 4lb pack

1lb single = $7.95/lb

4x 1lb single pack = $7.49/lb

Super-lean, novel protein. Good for pets with sensitivities.



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Ground Llama is an extra-lean, novel protein, which makes it a great choice for pets with food allergies and digestive sensitivities. Available in 1lb vacuum-sealed portions.

*Please note that this is a boneless item and contains only a small amount of organs. It is not a complete diet on its own.

We recommend rotating with other bone-in meats if your pet is not on an elimination diet.

Alternatively, you can supplement with ground bone or eggshell for calcium, and use a vitamin and mineral supplement to ensure your pet is getting a balanced diet.

Ingredients: 100% Ground Llama

Nutritional Analysis (per 100g)

Calories (kcal): 116

Cholesterol (mg): 49.9

Protein (g): 23

Total Fat (g): 5.33

Iron (mg): 2.44



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