Ground Organic Turkey Carcass – from $4.24/lb


100% coarsely-ground organic turkey carcass

Available in 1lb (454g) vacuum-sealed portions

1lb Single = $4.49/lb

4x 1lb Bag = $4.24/lb


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Real Raw Ground Organic Turkey Carcass

Real Raw Ground Organic Turkey Carcass is made from 100% coarsely-ground organic, non-medicated turkey frames, and is available in 1lb vacuum-sealed portions.

*Please note that this formula is not considered nutritionally complete on its own. It contains 80-90% bone and 10-20% meat. This is a great option for homemade diets that need additional bone content, or for pets who cannot safely chew bones as a natural, whole-food source of calcium.

Ingredients: Organic turkey frames



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