Happy Days Raw Fermented Goats Milk 1L


Raw Fermented Goat’s Milk

Made in Canada

Full of probiotics

1L (1000m) bottle

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Happy Days Raw Fermented Goats Milk is a great addition to your pet’s diet to add probiotics, digestive enzymes, and minerals. You can use goat’s milk as a supplement, food topper, or to rehydrate freeze-dried and dehydrated foods.

Goat’s milk can be beneficial for:

  • possible allergies
  • skin and coat problems
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • indigestion and other digestive tract problems
  • excessive flatulence
  • a lack of beneficial bacteria and yeasts in the intestines after a course of antibiotics
  • vomiting
  • stool problems
  • weight problems
  • bad breath

How much milk to give your dog or cat?

You can start with half the amount if you have a picky pet or a sensitive stomach. It is advised to start small so you don’t overwhelm the system with all this new goodness. You can increase the amount daily if you choose but start here:

  • Small size dogs or cats 1 tsp. – 1 tbsp.
  • Medium size dogs 1 – 2 tbsp.
  • Large Dogs 2 – 3 tbsp.
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